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   Research Paper Instructions This research paper assignment is intended to provide an opportunity for you to explore management issues that occur in our current business environment.  It is important to note that this Blackboard submission will be subject to a plagiarism checker which will be Details of the requirements for the assignment include: · The paper should be at least 7 pages of research content. The cover page, abstract page, and reference page(s) are additional pages and should NOT be counted as part of the 7 page requirement.  · It should consist of at least 2 empirical research articles from reputable management journals (acceptable journals include: Academy of Management, Journal of Management, Business and Economics Journal, International Journal of Economics & Management Science).  · Inclusion of materials from popular magazines or the web can be used in the paper, but do not count toward the empirical research article requirement. You should strive to find articles within the last 5-10 years.  · The paper will be written using guidelines from the Seventh Edition of the APA Publication Manual.  · Things to do list: 1. Try to find review articles and other basic information to use for background (outside of what is provided in textbook) 2. Find 2 empirical articles (papers have method/results sections) 3. Writing the paper a. Research, question/hypothesize the background information of the topic b. Describe/summarize empirical articles c. Critically analyze topic; synthesize findings from articles d. Propose future directions/research (be as specific as you’d like) e. Provide your own “take” on the topic in the form of a critique and future research ideas. You MUST show that you have gone beyond a summary, and have critically thought about the topic.   

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