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Case Study Analysis Read the Harvard Business Case Study for Unit 2: DeLong, T.J., Tandon, J., Rengaswamy, G. (October, 2006) Infosys: Strategic human resource management (Case Study). Retrieved from Harvard Business. Visit Harvard Business Online at and log in to acquire the electronic version of the article. Click My Coursepacks, and then GB520. Prepare a case analysis on the topic of Traditional versus Strategic HRM and Its Effectiveness for Organizational Success. The case analysis should be a minimum of 3-pages long, double-spaced. Case Analysis Question: What is Strategic Human Resources Management and how does it link the people with the strategic needs of the business? When you are ready, submit your paper to the Unit 2 Case Analysis Dropbox. View the PDF below for assignment details and criteria. Attachments: Description Hema Ravichandar, head of human resources, was given a new and aggressive milestone to reach: ensure Infosys is on the Top 10 lists of both Best Performing Companies and Best Employers by 2007. No large organization had ever been able to achieve this distinction because of the tension between the need to control costs for financial performance and the expenditure required for employee satisfaction. Ravichandar was aware of the humbling experiences of the past that made Infosys cognizant of the difficulties ahead as it transitioned from a small to a large company. Learning objective: To decide how to balance superb human resources with top-notch financial performance in a growing company. Subjects Covered: Business growth; Employee development; Human resource management Setting: Geographic:India Industry: Information technology consulting services Company Employee Count:15,000 Company Revenue:$753 million revenues Event Year Begin:2003 Event Year End:2003

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