Activity #1 1) Watch this video on the OCAI survey instrument: 2) Go to this page and take the FREE survey: Based on these: a) How did your organization rate on the OCAI instrument you did? b) Do you agree with the results? Why or why not? Any response to a classmate will be counted towards your 2X2 requirement Week 2 Lecture 2 (please see power point attach) more about assumptions! Lecture Two again – let me know if the power point is helpful/useful! Ben! Week 2 Question 1  explain culture as a “social pattern” How is (or how isn’t) that a useful definition? Week 2 Question2  “The field of organizational behavior and the related discipline of management science began investigating organizations in terms of culture as early as the 1930s” How do you see the link (or relationship) between organizational behavior and organizational culture? Week 2 Question 3  What issues might arise within an organization if employees do not share the underlying assumptions? Week 2 Question 4  “The culture of an organization eminently influences its myriad decisions and actions” How have you seen an organization’s decisions and/or actions influenced by its culture? Week 2 Question 5 Schein says culture becomes  the personality of an organization – how would you explain that to someone at a dinner party? Week 2 Question 6  What was the most interesting aspect of this week’s activities/readings? Week 2 Question 7  n your experience, what have been the reasons leaders have initiated changes? How successful have those leaders been in implementing changes and how did culture act as a detriment and/or an accelerant to making changes?

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