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Please feel free to be creative for this assignment. Make sure you have a conceptual framework for leadership. You have done your literature review, you know what leadership looks like, you know what needs to cHANge. Now change it. Write about the benefits and pitfalls and casualties of your framework Be critically honest. DISREGARD THE GROUP THIS IS MY SINGLE ASSIGNMENT Prepare a leadership theory analysis for a department or organization.  Support the report with a vision and mission statement. Therefore, a vision and mission statement must be developed. The vision and mission statements become part of the assignment. The oral presentation is to share with the other classmates the educational overview of your findings. Teams wll have 30 minutes for the presentations (will be cutoff at exactly 30 minutes and will be penalized for not completing the presentation). Teams should utilize methods which will make the presentation worthwhile and that are advantageous to actual learning. The PowerPoint slides are to be used as a opic reminder only; they are not to be used as writing and reading prop. The written report will provide an overall description of the interview and findings. The narrative ill be up between 10-12 pages in length using at least 10 references excluding any of the assigned books. The 10-12 pages of the narrative exclude the title page, table of contents, references, and any supporting material. The final submission must follow APA. i. Title page must follow FCE title page requirements ii. Include a Table of Contents iii. Include an Executive Summary iv. The narrative must be at least 10-12 pages in length v. Use double-spaced 12-point, Times New Roman font for this and all assignments vi. Show all sources for the information/data presented vii. Do not use first person.

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