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nnotated Bibliography: Stage 3—Final Submission               Select this link to download the entire instruction for the Annotated Bibliography assignment. Select this link to download the sample of an Annotated Bibliography. Instructions The annotations for each article should be in paragraph format and should summarize the main points of the article, evaluate the currency of the article, and the importance to the scholarly community, as measured by the number of times the article has been cited by others. The main points should include the following: Purpose and thesis of the study Hypothesis or hypotheses Methodology Major findings The database in which each article is cataloged Relevance to the Human Services field Each annotation should be at least 200 words. Do not copy the abstract from the articles! The stage 3 submission will include: Title page An abstract for your annotated bibliography Topic statement: the topic statement is a paragraph that identifies the issue under investigation in the articles you annotate. It also demonstrates the importance of the topic with scholarly evidence (175 words). List of articles and your annotations References page Be sure to review the sample of an annotated bibliography. Grading See the rubric for grading criteria. Submission To make sure that your work is original and meets the assignment requirements, be sure to follow the steps below: Submit the paper through the online assignment submission. Review the similarity report. If your similarity score is more than 28%, you must revise your paper and resubmit it until the score is below 28%. Review the ETS (grammar and spelling) report and make the necessary correction before the final submission. Submit your final work through the online assignment submission. Below are my recent papers 

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