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   I need at least a 150 word-comment on my class mate’s discussion Decision-Making Style Barry posted  Hello Class, I used the quiz at to determine my decision-making style.  This quiz uses 25 questions in which you choose between two options that assesses your preference along two axes: principle vs value and analysis vs compassion. My results showed that I prefer principle based decision making.  This is accurate.  I tend to look at most problems analytically and as objectively as possible and compare to a consistent objective or standard for making the decision.  I’ve always been preferential to this style, but I think my military career really reinforced this as pretty much everything is standards-based.  Either the evidence for an action met the standard and we could move on to the next item or did not meet the standard and required further action.  I often got myself into “situations” with my leadership as I had no problem stating whether or not a point of contention was being evaluated against an established standard or not. That being said, over those same years I also learned that not all situations are clear-cut and there is often considerable gray areas between options, especially with anything dealing with personnel decisions.  In these cases there are varying degrees of compassion and sensitivity required, depending on the situation at hand.  In others it may be a matter of what is “right” by our values rather than what is correct by policy.  These must be dealt with carefully as they can lead to serious repercussions, depending on the source and strictness of the policy in question.  Going against a supervisor’s preferences will be less severe than violating a law or written corporate policy.

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