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Hello incredible classmates and Dr. C , here is my main discussion post for Week 7 Discussion – “Leonardo, the Renaissance Master”, I hope you enjoy it.  It was fun learning about Leonardo da Vinci this week:
Assessing Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper
·  I think that he painted them all on one side of the table because he wanted you to see the perspective of Jesus and his disciples, from an on lookers point of view without obscuring the presence of any of those in attendance. Had he painted people on both sides of the table, I believe it would contribute to the loss of their existence at the supper, as you would only see the back of their heads and one is much more likely to remember a persons face.
The invention of Leonardo that I find most fascinating was
·  I think that the most interesting invention that he created was the hydraulic saw. While there are many great inventions listed, I think that this particular invention has really transformed how mills and lumber yards operate and have contributed to society in many ways by making lumber more readily available.
A modern comparison to Leonardo would be
·  There have been many influential people who would hands down be considered game changers of the world, the biggest being Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who have revolutionized the computer world and how many students, businesses and people in general operate on a day to day basis. You have Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey founders of facebook and twitter who have indisputably changed communications through their social media platforms, George Foreman who is an author, actor, boxer, and entrepreneur. Along with many others that I can think of including Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa, Tim Berners-Lee, etc… however; all of these huge “game changers” of today’s society, only changers of one area (although large areas) unlike Da’Vinci who invented many different things and did things that revolutionized so many different areas of our lives.  While they all are notable, I don’t think that we have anyone who qualified enough and is as multi-talented and inventive as Leonardo Da’Vinci was to be considered a Renaissance man!

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